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Activation Popup in game?


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I am not sure this is a problem or just something that happens, but tonight after playing all day i was ending a mission and as i quit i got dropped out to desktop with a prompt to enter my registration code, in fact the registration code was already filled in.


I wasnt sure what to do, so i followed on to next stage and was told this code has already been used, and do i want to continue? now i have already used this once when installing the game, so i just accepted this and went to the next stage when i was informed i only have 7 activations left.


I just want to know if this is correct, or some issue.


Running Vista Ultimate 64 4gb Ram with ATI 4870.


can i please get some clairity on this issue if possible.



Asus P8P67-M Pro, i7 2600K@4.6Ghz, 4gb Vengence Ram, Gainward GTX 580 3gb Phantom, Win7 64 Ultimate, Warthog Control System.

Trackir 5 Pro, Saitek Combat Pedals.

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