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After around 5 days of training I entered my first battle! Wow! What can I say! The amount of action going on around me was phenominal and reminded me of a very old heli game called Apache by Digital Integrations. This was the scenario called 'Battle'.At the start the battle was fairly easy, but after a few runs of evasive action the battle started getting confusing and I was trying to make sure I was shooting at the right side.Towards the end of my involvement in the battle I was getting quite concerned whether I was shooting at the right side, as the vehicles looked kind of flat looking with no major turrets. I was thinking Stryker or BMP....In the end I figured they looked more like a stryker and let them have it.Returned to base with what has to be one of my best landings ever. My only real pickup was the time it took me to land - I guess I'm a little paranoid of entering a vortex ring.Debrief came up and I held my breath. Luckily I had shot up all blue! lolTotal tally was 3 x Abrams (wish my missiles were a little more effective here) and 5 x Strykers.Woot! Home for Tea and Medals :)Flashpan

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