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Move DCS to second PC prob


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After purchasing the English version of BS, I decided to use my Russian version as a server on a second PC(P4) on my LAN. So I followed the de-activation procedure, correctly I believe, and removed the Russian installation from my main gaming PC(8200).


Installed the English version without any problem on the 8200. Last night I installed the Russian version again on my P4 to see if it could cope with the CPU load enough to use as a server. Which it seems it can as it was only running at 30% CPU with just me connected. I was very pleased about that.


But after activating the Russian version I noted that I only have one activation left? I thought through de-activation it was possible to install BS on a differant PC without smoking activations as long as you de-activate first?


Could this be clarified as each time I upgrade hardware in my main gaming PC, I often move the hardware to my second PC that I use for a game server. Can the amount of activations be increased with the Russian version to equal the English version to offer a little breathing space? With the curent setup Ive got a fuse burning already on both my DCS:Blackshark purchases :noexpression:


Any thoughts on this please?

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