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Dosvidanya Rodina


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Haha! Yeah, thats the truth! I must have listed to every piece of traditional Russian music on YouTube, from Prokokiev's entire Alexander Nevsky score to "Song of the Volga Boatmen" but it was Basil Poledouris's "Hymn to Red October" that had sufficient gravity and length to complement my movie.


I even gave Glowing Amraam a nod in my credits on the hope he would give me a "tender" critique on my first Vegas movie.

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IIRC, that music is a naval hymn, hence being used in Red October. You should have had the Ka-50 take off from the Admiral for that video. :D


This is not a real naval hymn, it was composed by Basilis Poledouris especially for the film. Still an outstanding piece of film music.

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