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Mission 6 - Phantoms never push


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This campaign is a lot better than the previous one, but that's not to say without bugs. I just run into a problem where the Phantoms in M6 never come at me. They seemed to be circling a point off Iranian coast, and then crashed into something (each other?). 

Also in that mission, the helos were so close together I got both with a single missile. I think one got hit and crashed into the other, they were so close together it was kind of inevitable. Do check if that might have contributed, if it's critical for scripting, you might want to move them further apart so that can't happen. Although, I can't blame the Phantoms for not wanting to tangle with a guy who just got to kills with a single Sidewinder, Iranians watch Holywood movies just like anyone else. 🙂  

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Will check out the Phantoms. Obviously, all campaigns are bug free when first issued and get broken from time to time with ED updates, especially when related to AI. It's a cross campaign creators have to bear as we constantly have to fix missions. Recent updates have impacted how AI aircraft engage or not. If you have a Tacview file that is very useful when trying to fix things.

The helos independently move around the boat. Sometimes they are close enough to take out with one missile and other times not. 

Thanks for the heads up.

EDIT : 7 Dec 22

Have now fixed  the mission and issued to ED. Will be in a future update. 


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