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M09 raqqa oil convoy - AI not killing the convoy properly

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still struggling with this mission, even the updated version, I find and stop the first convoy, smoke it with F10 and then AI starts attacking them, on the second convoy, again I find it and mark with white smoke, but the AI planes take ages in attacking it, and sometimes they pass over without even shooting anything, I normally run out of fuel as I don't have enough weapons to destroy the convoys myself... what am I doing wrong? do I have to change the loadout to win this mission? is there any particular vehicle that needs to be killed to get the next convoy enabled?

thanks for suggestions!

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Thanks for the feedback. Killing the first vehicle should stop convoy then Ai should step in and finish them off. 

Will take a look at the mission and see what can be done. Maybe some of the updates have affected the Ai attack on the convoys.





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I have to say there still seem to be major issues with this mission.  Warlord and hammer are highly inconsistent in terms of attacking convoys, sometimes they do but often they just circle endlessly leaving you to do it all yourself which is virtually impossible even after you've attacked the lead vehicle in the convoy and it is stopped and they've acknowledged your hits on radio.  And your wingman literally does nothing this mission, no option to have him attack a convoy he might as well not be there.

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Same problem here, however it seems to me that both Hammer and Warlord are using all their weapons over the 1st convoy, so they are winchester when the second appear and can't help me.

Jeez, I've started this campaign in june and I'm still at mission 9: I think I haven't found a single mission that I didn't have to repeat at least 2 or 3 times due to some bug, most part of of which, it's fair to say, were not the author's fault.

This is becoming frustrating...

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Having the same issue, the AI are only attacking the first convoy.  I have hit the lead and get the scripted text saying they are going to run in, but then they don't.  Last run this happened for 2nd 3rd and 4th convoy

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