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Need help to solve two problems painting a Hind skin


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Anyone know how I can erase the tactical numbers that appear on "1", and also why that part appear on a different color "2" Thanks a lot!

An extra would be If someone can tell me where can I get the template for the PTB external fuel tanks!



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Not sure if you ever got help on this one, but you can find the numbers and the fuel tank textures in the Default Mi-24 pack. 

From what I remember, the numbers only have a set amount of space around the default numbers, so you can make your own custom numbers that fit inside of them, but you can't expand outside of them, or move their location on the fuselage, from what I understand. You will also need to edit your livery's .lua file to point it to the new textures you create instead of the default ones. 

If you want an example of how it works, I created a skin with my own fuel tanks and numbers, since the real one had bright blue fuel tanks that I really wanted to see in game. You can download it here, and just check out the .lua file and the textures to see how you might make yours. Then, inside of your DCS folder you can go to CoreMods/aircraft/Mi-24P/Textures and open the "mi-24p" folder, which will have all of the "extra" textures that don't come in the template, like the pilots, wheels, fuel tanks, etc.

From there, you can copy them, and what I believe I did in Photoshop was to copy the image, since it's just a flat texture and not a .psd, and then make the image black and white, create a new layer over it and set the layer to "overlay" or something like that, and then you can paint your color over the top of the black and white image on a separate layer, and play around with it until you get the colors to match up. It's not as good as a full template file, but for something pretty easy like a fuel tank, it will let you get close enough.

The numbers were similar. You will have the original numbers that you can create new numbers on top of, and then turn the original number layer off and make sure to save it with the correct settings, and you should get a set of working numbers that can be any color or style you want, as long as they fit within the confines of the original numbers.

Hope that helps, and sorry it's a bit delayed!

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