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Moving Map Oddness


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Ran into a bunch of oddness with the moving map on my last hop.  I have the track for this.  Might have forgotten to pause when I went exploring with F11 on final to land at the end, though, because my airplane sort of crashed.

For one, the 10 mile map is has completely different saturation and hue than the 20 or 40 miles maps, but when circling around Amman parts of it kept blanking out:

Blackout 2.PNG


This happened while boogieing around the coast of Israel as well.

Blackout 1.PNG

The other thing I noticed was the map getting very strange in places.  This is north of Tel Nof

Odd Colors 1.PNG

And then, back at Tel Nof, some real odd combinations of sodium and LED lighting

Lighting Color.PNG

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