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[CORE LIVERY TEMPLATE] Replace Default Livery Template with Higher-Quality Community Version

Raven 7-1

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There is a community version of F-16 Texture template (by @Texac), which is completely day and night difference in quality compared to original texture template.

So... as tytle states, it would be great to update/replace:

  1. default liveries with higher the ones in udpated template
  2. default .PSD texture template (in downloads/texture templates) with improved version from @Texac


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  • Raven 7-1 changed the title to [CORE LIVERY TEMPLATE] Replace Default Livery Template with Higher-Quality Community Version
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The current liveries depict a preblock aircraft with a Pratt engine. This is inaccurate for a F-16C Block 50, M4.2+, operated by the ANG circa 2007.

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