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Forgive my ignorance, sudden cutting to mission end screen means a failure due to violation of rules?


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In missions 4 & 5 I am suddenly cutting to mission end screen, no message indicating failure, and clicking both retry and end mission buttons is not doing anything. I generally believe I was within the flight plan but I could very well be wrong, as this is my first big boy mission. I have the track and log files attached for one of these incidents. 

PersianLionIssue.trk PersianLionIssue.log

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Hi @mattj96

That’s not normal. In all my missions if you fail you will be given a reason why, The mission will then close. I’m based in UK but currently touring the East of Canada and US down to Pensacola so not at my rig. So won’t be able to check out your track for a few weeks.
By the sounds of things sounds like a DCS bug not actually campaign related. 
If you haven’t got it yet get Tacview, it’s a free program that allows you to view and analyse your flight. The Tacview files of missions are very accurate which unfortunately cannot be said of DCS tracks currently. By all means send me a Tacview file of your problem and I will check it out when I am back at my rig.

If you want to see a fly through of the campaign, I have a playlist on my u tube channel, Flyingkenney has done some accurate fly throughs. link below.

In the meantime if you explain exactly when and where things cut out I may be able to shed some light, away from my rig.

Most important make sure you are up to date in openbeta and are not running any mods. These can have some very strange impacts on things.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks @Badger633, it looks like you are correct about it being a game issue. I tested the flaming sunrise campaign as well and the same happened. I will try your tips and run tacview and I will let you know if I have any issue. I appreciate your response, great campaign otherwise looking forward to finishing it when I get this worked out. 

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