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Scoring system

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I understand that you have probably completed this campaign now or already figured the scoring system out.  I just started playing this campaign today after getting back into the Spitfire.  I believe it is an intentional design choice for this particular campaign. It states in the documents re: the campaign found in the mods/campaign folder of your install - that it will give you a pass for being airborne for more than 10 minutes.

Pertinent statement from the campaign pdf: 


There are no ‘mission goals’ or other tasks that must be carried out in order to move on in the campaign. Can’t find the planned target? That is ok, neither could they in many cases. Those bandits got away? It happened all the time and should be considered the norm in these weather conditions. The only criteria for advancing to the next mission is that you keep your aircraft airborne for 10 minutes. You can always go back and re-fly the mission as a ‘single mission’ separate from the campaign if there were certain things you wanted to try again. Realizing some players are looking for a more performance based measurement of how they did during a mission we offer this as an alternative. These are the results from the actual missions this campaign is based on, keeping in mind this is for the entire squadron and not just the lead aircraft: Mission 1: Two vehicles destroyed. Mission 2: Both targets destroyed. Mission 3: Two vehicles in flames, three smoking, and six damaged. Mission 4: One enemy aircraft damaged. Mission 5: Four enemy aircraft destroyed. Mission 6: One vehicle damaged. Mission 7: Four enemy aircraft destroyed, one probably destroyed, and one damaged. Mission 8: One enemy aircraft destroyed, two damaged. Mission 9: Enemy aircraft sighted but the squadron could not close. Mission 10: Five vehicles in flames, five smoking, and three damaged. Campaign Introduction Operation Epsom for the Spitfire IX 6 Mission 11: Three enemy aircraft destroyed, one damaged. Mission 12: Target damaged but not destroyed

So I presume it just grants you the 100 as that is the trigger in DCS generally for a successfully completed mission.

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