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  1. This was my jam on my old C64 back in the day! The C64 version didn't have any TARPS missions but occasionally it would bug and display all the patches/medals - and TARPS would show up on that. A mate of mine had it on PC and said it had TARPS missions, always wanted to be able to do that. Also looking at that F-14 splash by Dynamix (i think they were the devs) I can still hear "Bogies at 6 o'clock! lets rock and roll!" Pretty sure that game was the reason for my F14 love lol.
  2. No this error occurs for me as well, so you aren't the only one. What i do as a work around is launch myself, then switch via F2 to my co-pilot view then R-Alt + J to take over, launch and then flick back over to my Cat and then order him into a specific formation. If i don't order a specific formation he often just engage burner until he runs out of fuel and then ejects.
  3. Seeing the Sparrowhawk HUD would be great! but i have kind of gotten used to watching my wing sweep in the mirrors and quick eyeballing the inconveniently located (for a sim) gauge in the cockpit. The feedback from Jester is useful as well in engagements and keeps it more period correct.
  4. In terms, of the bucket of bolts made of lead, yeah it sure can be. It takes a fair amount of work, and study, when you first start to get the F-14 to fly how you want it to. Compared to succeeding aircraft with a FBW system, it is certainly a big difference in how "easy' it is to fly, let alone how to get high performance out of it. It is challenging to start with, not just with the flying only aspect but the systems management and all the nuances of the aircraft. Believe me, there were many times where the only ordinance on my F-14 seemed to be F-Bombs, but once you "got" some aspect of the aircraft, other aspects would start to slide in to place as well and the puzzle made more sense. Now it isn't some sort of abstract aircraft that is impossible to fly, far from it, but in comparison to most other modules it does make you work to fly it. This is my favourite module by a massive margin, the Viggen isn't far off either for similar reasons.
  5. It will be interesting to see the final product. With the hands on experience of True Grits air and ground crew fueling the data, it evokes a good deal of excitement about the possibilities. With the development expertise of Heatblur to bring it together, it simply seems like a recipe for an amazing module. The Viggen and the F-14 are simply incredible, I love both those modules so much and they reflect the dedication and skill of Heatblur to bring a subject to life. Hell, the F-14 isn't just a flight module, it is a flight experience - it isn't a simple isolated aircraft, it is a snapshot of an era, of a way of military aviation. I guess ultimately legal restrictions on data shared, and what is allowed to be modeled for the Tiffy will determine how "legitimate to life' the module is. I imagine it will generate much debate. I very much look forward to seeing the end result of the Tiffy and it will be a fine addition to my stable of aircraft that I so enjoy.
  6. Fantastic trailer as always. It is a relatively modern aircraft as well, will be interesting to see the features/performance. Heatblur attached = great product imo, both the Viggen and the F-14 are incredible.
  7. Do we know if the tank supply drains both wing tanks simultaneously or does it drain first one and then another? Could that be giving us the slight roll drift?
  8. In one of the two tutorials at the moment it asks you to apply the brakes and to advance the throttle to 90% and check for function on the corresponding panels. I cannot get the brakes to hold for it at that level of power as requested by the tutorial so i just pressed space-bar to continue.
  9. You need to press S to unlock the nose wheel and then you can steer via rudder inputs. I have to trim fairly frequently atm in flight, it's not to bad though
  10. The control surfaces do seem a little sluggish, particularly in roll and i find that i am throwing in more rudder than i expected would be required to get more "snappy" rolls - given the F-16 always been touted as having wonderful maneuverability. That said I do my first test on any new aircraft and hooned it down canyons and valleys. Maybe I've gotten too used to the F-14's inputs where what you do to the stick is what you do to the aircraft with no computer to say no. Edit: I will add, using an X55 Rhino no alterations to any curves or deadzones yet.
  11. I've just realised that I rarely fly with a central stick location, I mean it's completely obvious to look at it, but mine has always been on the right side. I always used to think it was weird having a stick on the right side in the F16 lol
  12. Ouch $124 AUD. That said, very much looking forward to flying the viper, always loved this aircraft. As for FM performance and what not, there are simply things they cannot put into the game due to contractual obligations. While I'm sure there are many foreign intelligence agencies who would love to spend $100 and get the super accurate low down on the tech and train all their pilots up against it, it's not happening. Didn't Wags used to work for the CIA? I'm pretty sure he knows the value of information, and something seemingly minor can have big consequences.
  13. That would probably make sense. Because of the varying degrees of player latency, maybe having the seat 'flagged' as being able to be occupied causes it to suffer from the varying latency of those connected who 'could' access the seat, just in case someone wants to jump in. Maybe it's possible to have it act as a single occupant entity only until someone does enter the RIO position?
  14. This x1000. My FFB2 was stolen and I have missed it from the day it was taken. They sometimes pop up on eBay but for such an old peripheral you never quite know if it is going to function well. Mine was in pristine condition having purchased it from new back in 2000, i think it was. Would love a new flight force feedback joystick, one for today's level of flight sims.
  15. Genuinely had a good laugh, because it's true :joystick: I loved Vic205's guides they were fantastic and insightful. I'm guessing that with ED stamping down on the dissemination of sensitive information that guides such as this could be construed as being too borderline. Now Vic's guides didn't seem to be inn breech of this but I guess that with recent trouble for ED in this department it's better to be 100% sure rather than be caught out on a technicality. Of course it could be, and probably is, for a myriad of other reasons he chose to take them down himself. He authored them and if he didn't like the way the information was being used has every right to remove them.
  16. Like the F-14 this looks like it's going to be a real joy to experience. Loved the old Falcon games it's exciting to see a DCS level version now.
  17. I didn't order a T-shirt this time around as I ordered one with the Viggen (my F-14 anytime baby shirt which I love). Have you guys ever thought of putting your designs on Redbubble or some such site to sell your shirts? Not sure how prohibitive their slice of the pie is though.
  18. *snip snip* ?? Seems a little pricey for some cheap rudder pedals :lol: Seriously I need rudder pedals and these look like the best option for my under desk space and price point.
  19. http://media.heatblur.se/AIM-54.pdf
  20. Have you trimmed the aircraft? Trimming to 0 should have your stick relatively clear of the display, or at least not smashing into the display. That said I'm not using VR and it may well be just a bug with VR.
  21. I believe that if you have the beta option for DCS selected in Steam, that you will see the F-14 release today. It won't be on stable for a couple of weeks yet I imagine.
  22. It's a 387 page PDF manual and if you are using Chrome it seems to hit 4/5 of a download indicator rapidly and then crawls while it actually does open the manual PDF. The end download when you save it to your PC is about 245mb
  23. Looks and sounds amazing, this module isn't "fly an F-14" it's "The Tomcat Experience". Already 1730 here in Australia *taps foot impatiently*.
  24. Will be challenging trying to handle departures, about all i'm going to remember is; 100 knots and hands off controls until over 100 knots. Could make for some interesting experiences :P
  25. I love the Fighter Pilot Podcast, Jell-O is a great host, very informative, humble and clearly experienced. I've enjoyed Sunshine being added to the team and when you see their YouTube stuff Sunshines callsign is actually quite apt. The F-14 episode was great, Cosmo and SYFH were fantastic, they seem to epitomise Tomcat crews, highly entertaining and there was some great info on there regarding the 'Cat. The only let down was how Cosmo got his call sign, got to be pretty bad if he didn't want to reveal it lol
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