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Wishlist: The YO-3A from Veitnam


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For those not aware of the YO-3A, its is a night reconnaissance aircraft developed from the SGS 2-32 glider. They flew very low, typically 1000ft, however its said by their pilots they would fly around 200ft undetected. None where ever shot down or even damaged by enemy fire. They where made to be silent to not alert the vietcong of there presence and are referred to as the quietest aircraft in the world. They not only gathered intelligence but also directed strikes using their 2nd gen night vision periscope and their infrared illuminator. One was even equipped with a laser target designator. After Veitnam they where used by the FBI to assist in capturing Kidnappers and extortionist, as well as the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries to find poachers, and even NASA to listen to the sonic booms created by the SR-71. 

Given the stellar track record and unique mission I believe it would be a mistake to not incorporate this aircraft with the growing list of Vietnam era aircraft. It would offer something no other military sim has and would a distinct experience only this simulator could give. I also think it would make for a great co-op aircraft for multiplayer servers where you physically need to fly to gather the intelligence. 



Kurt Olney with Cousin Richard Olney 1970 Phu Bai, Veitnam Credit: https://www.yo-3a.com/

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