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REQ: Windows 11 + DCS World 2.8 + PS5 Dualsense Controller Help.


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PS5 Dualsense has alot more features (the touchpad + gyros + accelerometers + more buttons (included in the triggers)) vs XS gamepads forgot to mention mic and speaker for voip too.

with no ds4windows installed and using only the driver provided windows 11

i use sony firmware update tool to check if there is new controller firmware.

there is none available.


Windows 11 = fully updated at the time of this writing.

DCW World =

in dcs world controller settings i can see my keyboard controls and the ps5 dualsense controls.

i have tried to program rudder to triggers and cant get it right.


so i then installed ds4windows and have it set to x360 gamepad emulation where its similar to xbox series controller i guess.


can someone for the love of "DCS World" make a specific guide only for the ps5 gamepad and yes please upload the profile.

ive spent way way way too long getting this better then xs gamepad working in dcs world. this is crazy.

i dont want to hear this is a sony problem and there driver.

program the game to actually work with it or make an official thread saying how to get it working even if it says use ds4windows.

then could someone please make a guide to program this exact specific controller using all its functionality. i know about the videos that show both an XS and DS gamepad included in the video but its basically just letting you emulate the x360 gamepad using ds4windows.

this is pathetic

i have to install 3rd party drivers that i have to click yes to agree to if i want to use one of the most popular controllers on the planet.

i just looked at wikipedia. over 40 million units sold. now how many people bought extra controllers?

there are a crap load of these out there im betting 60 million total ps5 dualsense controllers are out worldwide.

xbox controllers work great while ps5 and maybe ps4 dualsense dont. i didnt even include how many ps4 dualsense controllers are out in the wild. i bet 100 million

anyhow its hard to fly when all you are is stuck in the control settings

also another thing to the devs. the ui for configuring the controls needs to be color coded and a picture so when you program your controller it shows you the buttons and axis working on that specific controller layout. this includes for hotas. all controllers that have a huge market share at least.

i have an xbox series x system and 3 controllers. i have a single ps5 dualsense controller and it is better there is no doubt no debate so i dont want this to turn into that flame stuff. thats not what this is about.

this is about if you dont have a hotas and only have a gamepad it is very very difficult to program these gamepads. especially when the axis and features it has arent available to pick from in the assignments area

please please make a better controls configurator.

the drop down list of controls commands is not good enough.

leave all command in one area. not sort menu and just color code them or suggest where to map too on your controller would be great. the default layouts who is programming these? default layouts dont work for xs controllers or ps from what i played with. you always got to go find a youtube video and then those only show you how to make it act like an x360

this is madness.

ok i guess thats a rant but for real. im not a noob to dcs and played F4 and Flanker series. this is not a good way to program controllers and should be functional and color corded keyboard chart that has area of control groups so you can hi

hope someone makes a guide just for this model for the dsc world 2.8 core for su25t and p51d

if someone at ED gets this working correctly for XS and PS5 gamepads so when you hit "reset" for those controls in the mapping area each controller profile should work without issue. from that point most people can fine tune their mappings but since that dont work correctly we have to manually pick stuff out from the beginning.

anyhow bye before i keep going in circles.


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