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Valve Index unusable stuttering


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So I followed the instructions to create a shortcut that does "--force_enable_VR" and also I tried with both either "--force_steam_VR" or "--force_OpenXR".

In both cases I have a problem that when the map loads the game stutters impossibly. I am not talking about just low FPS below 60. I am talking about the game is rendering like maybe 1 frame per 5 seconds. It's so bad that I can't even move the mouse cursor across the screen.

I don't know what's going on! I have the game updated, I tried both with the MT exe and the regular one. My VR works fine in other games, but here it is crazy like that. I searched for other topics with similar issues, and someone commented about issues with some kind of Asus software for lighting up RGB, but I don't have anything like that and I didn't find any other answers.

Anyone ever have this kind of issue before or could suggest what else I should try?

My system specs:

32gb RAM
nvidia 4070 ti
DCS installed on an SSD

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I believe that Valve index does not support OpenXR natively.  Have you followed the instructions in the first two posts here:



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Thanks WipeUout, I used the shortcuts described in that exact topic. But actually I just realized what my problem was, it was PEBKAC as usual. Somehow I set my SteamVR settings to be like 5000x5000 resolution per eye. Didn't even notice that I had done it. When I changed that back to default, the game is working fine now. Still have some visual problems that I need to figure out and tweak, though. Like things don't look very good when at high speeds. They kind of like "wobble".

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