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  1. But is the TM Warthog still top-dog for HOTAS? I mean, at least in that price range?
  2. I wonder if this would make MFDs (or at least just the buttons on the frames!) something that can be retained when using VR. Since of course you don't see your own fingers in the virtual world, you're groping blindly for controls, but if you have the mouse cursor there to guide you, and if you can make the alignment between VR and your real setup match 1:1, then it would probably make it work? Has anyone tried something like that?
  3. I need to upgrade my old PC, and so I'm looking into speccing out a new build. However I've been out of the game for nearly 10 years so I'm not very well up to speed about what's been going on recently. For example, I can tell for sure that buying a new GPU now is not a good idea because nVidia is expected to release a new series this year, so that can wait. But what about the CPU market? I'm looking to make a high-end purchase that will last a long time. I am thinking of the i9-9900K. Is it a good time for the CPU market right now or is there any shakeup expected to happen soon?
  4. Well this is still the right one, yeah? https://www.amazon.com/ThrustMaster-2960720-Thrustmaster-Hotas-Warthog/dp/B00371R8P4/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=x56+hotas&qid=1597721665&sr=8-1 Looks like you can sort of "pre-order" it before they restock. Hm, not sure if it's worth it, who knows when they will ship...
  5. Long time ago, I wanted to get the TM Warthog, but couldn't afford it. But back then it was going for about $USD 600 on Amazon.com. Now I look at it, and it looks like the "official" item is out of stock, and there are some other resellers and they are all for craaaaazy prices like close to and some even over $1,000 ! Does anyone know what happened? Does TM still produce the Warthog or is there now another product that supersedes it? (I've been out of the market for many years, I don't know what's changed).
  6. guitarxe


    Is that really a defect? From the photos it just looks like where two halves of the mold come together.
  7. I find myself in a bit of a predicament, I want the TM Warthog but cannot currently afford one, and doesn't seem like I would until I've got more disposable income to throw around (few more years, plus my wife should be finishing college soon so that will help), but in any case I'm worried that it goes out of production and there will be no other product of the same quality to replace it, and it will go into legend and nothing as good will be available like it, kind of like the Logitech G27 Wheel and what was that Force Feedback Joystick from Microsoft, I forget the name now... Am I being silly and paranoid, or should I cough up the dough now while it's readily available and supported?
  8. Wouldn't it be up to whoever plans the mission and others higher on the chain of command that make the decision of what's cost-effective and what isn't? Then the only decision the pilot has to make in combat is how to complete the mission in the safest way. So even if it's just one truck, if the safest way to take out the truck is a maverick, then by golly it will be the maverick!
  9. Ah ok, yeah, but you want to keep all the other parts of the HUD the same size as it is? You don't want them any smaller? Because if you set the "new_k" value that I showed in the previous post to 73.5 or bigger, like 80, then the pitch ladder I think will be a good size, can you give that a try? I also can't actually see the pitch ladder on that screenshot, I think it's off to the site, a bit, you're flying in a strong cross-wind?
  10. When you spend the last 3 days modding the HUD rather than actually flying. ... or is that counter to the topic? Oops But I still love the A-10!
  11. Was watching a track of myself flying and let me tell you how surprising it was to see myself get blown up by an interceptor not 5 mins off the runway! That's obviously not at all what really happened! (and that sounds pretty hilarious when you think about it), but why does the track show something different from what actually happened?
  12. From what I was seeing it doesn't look like you can scale individual HUD elements independently, but maybe there is another way, I will see what's possible. Are you trying to make it bigger or smaller?
  13. Right, so this is all assuming DCS 1.5, if you are using DCS 2.0 let me know I will have to download it and check if it's all the same, but it probably is. It looks like HUD scale can be controlled by a single value in this file: \DCS World\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Cockpit\Scripts\HUD\Indicator\HUD_definitions.lua Someone had actually made a sort of "mod" for it - http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=95797 , but that's not really required, you can make the changes on your own. Just be sure to backup any of the files you'll be modifying. For the HUD scale, open the HUD_definitions.lua file at the above path (use a text editing software like Notepad++ or similar for much easier use). Find this line old_K = 73.5 new_K = 73.5 It will be at the top of the file. The value you want to change is "new_K". Bigger values produce a smaller HUD font size. Smaller values produce a bigger HUD font size. For example: old_K = 73.5 new_K = 90 Will make the HUD font even smaller than default. And this: old_K = 73.5 new_K = 49 Will make it much larger, which is what I personally use. You can try a value in-between or whatever you want really, just play around with it until you feel it comfortable. Now to change the positioning of the elements on the HUD you need to modify different file. That whole info block at the bottom right of the HUD is actually two parts - waypoint information as well as the Radar Altimeter, and they are separate things in different files. The Radar Altimeter info doesn't really get cut-off so you can ignore it if you want to, but if you want the whole block to all line-up then you'll have to move it as well. Open this file: \DCS World\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Cockpit\Scripts\HUD\Indicator\HUD_NOCLIP_SYM_page.lua Find this block of code, it starts on line 70 and ends on line 104: AddHUDTextElement_Pos("Steer_Point_Number_ID", {{"steer_point_number_id_txt", 0.1667}}, {[b][color="Red"]70[/color][/b], -76.5, 0.0}, nil, HUD_DEFAULT_LEVEL, "LeftCenter") AddHUDTextElement_Pos_Formats("SPDis_to_go_Num_Targ_Elev", {{"SPDis_to_go_Num_Targ_Elev_txt", 0.1667}}, {[b][color="red"]70[/color][/b], -89, 0.0}, nil, HUD_DEFAULT_LEVEL, "LeftCenter", {"%s", "/", "%d", "DTS", "XXXX"}) AddHUDTextElement_Pos("Time_on_Target", {{"Time_on_Target_txt"}}, {[b][color="red"]70[/color][/b], -101.5, 0.0}, nil, HUD_DEFAULT_LEVEL, "LeftCenter") AddHUDTextElement_Pos("Current_Time", {{"hack_mode", 1}, {"Current_Time_txt"}}, {[b][color="red"]70[/color][/b], -114, 0.0}, nil, HUD_DEFAULT_LEVEL, "LeftCenter") HackTime = AddHUDTextElement_Pos("HackTime", {{"hack_mode", 2}, {"Time_to_Target_txt"}}, {[b][color="Red"]70[/color][/b], -114, 0}, nil, HUD_DEFAULT_LEVEL, "LeftCenter") What you are interested in here is the number I've bolded and colored red, which is "70" for all. This is the x-coordinate for the position of the element on the HUD. 0 in the middle of the HUD. So smaller numbers will move it to the left, and bigger numbers will move it to the right. If you fancy moving it to the left side of the HUD, then continue below zero into negative numbers. The value that I used to show on the screenshot was "55" for each. So in my file it looks like this: {55, -114, 0} Also if you fancy moving it up or down, then modify the second value. Again, the center of the HUD is 0 and by default it sits below the center so it's negative. To move up use bigger numbers, to move down use smaller numbers. Now after you move that, your Radar Altimeter reading will still stay where it was and this might bother you because then it won't align nicely with the waypoint info below it, so you may want to move it to the same horizontal position. To do this, open this file: \DCS World\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Cockpit\Scripts\HUD\Indicator\HUD_COMMON_page.lua Then find this code, it's on lines 1022 to 1027: AddHUDTextElement_Pos("Radar_Altitude_Numerics", {{"radar_altitude_numerics_txt"}}, {[b][color="red"]70[/color][/b], -64, 0.0}, nil, HUD_DEFAULT_LEVEL, "LeftCenter") And again change the value of the bolded, red-coloured part, which is 70 by default (same as the waypoint elements were). Change that to be the same value that you used for the waypoint values to make it align exactly on the HUD. I had mine at 55 for the screenshot, but you can use whatever values you want. Smaller numbers will move it to the left, and bigger numbers will move it to the right. Save all files and start the game and you should see your changes once the HUD is active and showing info (just use create fast mission and start at runway for a quick check).
  14. Is that an official extension for the TM Warthog? Outside of people sticking a PVC tube in there to make it longer that's the first time I'm hearing it can be extended. Just curious to know because I am eyeing it on Amazon, just waiting until some kind of sale comes up to snag it.
  15. Various elements of the HUD can be re-positioned and the HUD itself can be scaled. Let me clarify I am understanding the problem correctly, is this below what you are referring to? https://i.imgur.com/1ek4Nre.jpg And if we move it to the left a bit, will that be better for you? https://i.imgur.com/8pT8oyi.jpg
  16. Ahhh, that's how! Perfect! Thanks for explaining all that!
  17. Yes, I just want them not to shoot me. Are static objects destructible? Will they take the same kind of damage as if they were a ground vehicle group? Or how do I turn off their AI at the mission start? I'm also not certain where to change their ROE?
  18. It's CTRL+B and SHIFT+B, in the controls they are labeled as "HOTAS Speed Break Switch Aft" and "HOTAS Speed Break Switch Forward" The manual is located here: \DCS World\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Doc
  19. Is there a way to disable AI on ground units in the mission editor for some quick practice?
  20. Nah, that can't be right... if you look at the TGA files they are all white, so the color must be applied elsewhere... edit: There's a materials.lua file that looks like it defines materials (colours) for a whole bunch of stuff, like this: I didn't go through the whole file, but I already see "MFCD_GREEN" and "MFCD_RED". I tried changing "MFCD_GREEN" to Fuchsia (that's like purple) and it seems to be working, see my screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/cVdgx9d.jpg So it looks like you should be able to change up the colours on the MFCD and a whole bunch elsewhere to whatever you want. bofhlusr, do you know how to use HEX colour codes? If not let me know and I can help explain to you how to set these up to whatever coloursyou want. The file is located at \DCS World\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Cockpit\Scripts
  21. Speaking of which, I don't remember where but I read that leaving it on for too long can cause it to overheat, but when I watch any kind of tutorials there is no mention ever of turning it off until you are shutting down. Do you need to? Can it really cause any problems in the DCS simulation?
  22. Is there a way to increase the rate of TGP A-A Slew rate? I know I can change it in the Stat page under "THRTL" on the left MFCD, but that also affects the A-G slew rate, and it also doesn't help much. The problem being that it slews so very slowly when in A-A that it's impossible to use it
  23. Can anyone suggest a method how to bind a slider control on my X52 Throttle to the speed break? Is that possible? If I try in the game, there is no axis control for the speed break, is there any clever way to use the X52 programming profile to accomplish something like that?
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