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AGM154A for F18 A/C go anywhere on the South Atlantic map


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Without a track there is no way other than random luck that you're going to get a good answer.  Please post a track of this happening.

From the random guess dept, the most likely cause is you're not entering the co-ordinates in the right format.  For the AGM-154 it needs to be  DD MM SS.SS (degrees minutes seconds.decimal seconds) rather than DD MM.MMMM (degrees minutes.decimal minutes).  That has caught a lot of people before.  Also if you haven't aligned your INS properly (and/or waited for the JSOW to align -- ALN QUAL GOOD) could throw things off.  Can't remember for sure, but I think it will allow you to drop without the JSOW aligned.  But as I said, these are guesses and a track may show a completely different but obvious issue. 

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