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Startup training issue - stuck at turning on HUD


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Hi !

I wished to retrain starting up the machine and got stuck at turning up the HUD.

Switches are on and the tutorial doesn't move on.

On a lesser importance : the tutorial asks for INS alignment on 00 position, which is impossible. Had to go with 20 (as per SOP) but the tutorial doesn't mention it.

PS : I know Baltic Dragon has a lot of job to do at the moment. Just opening the topic to report the issue.

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the trigger "FL9 HUD and Radar altimeter ON" doesn't work.
I did the following :
I oppened the mision in the ME and found the trigger "FL9 HUD and Radar Altimeter ON"
I changed the Min value from 0,1 to 0 inside the condition "COCKPIT ARGUMENT IN RANGE (201,0.1,0.5,"")

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