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AH-64A/D/E video material

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Searching the deep web, I stumbled across videos that should be pretty interesting to any virtual pilot ambitious about his knowledge/performance of the AH-64. Since old/new videos will pop up, just as I've made a educational/informational thread on Ka-50, I'm intending this to be one on all three versions of the AH-64. In other words, if you have good videos on the AH-64, post them.


First up, a 20+ minute looking at AH-64A, with a cockpit view of gun/rocket employment. Flying technique and tactics (mostly in the offensive/defensive) are the main take-away from it:


Next up, something I'm surprised is online at all, though probably because of age. AH-64A ACM in four parts. This video, while of the more performing AH-64A, does indeed show what one can do with the airframe, if you're clever how you go about it. Procedures and communications (coordination) are also very interesting: 






Another interesting video, is a short one of the AH-64A cockpit, giving you a good idea of just what the A was capable of vs. incapable of. It will make you respect the capabilities of D more.




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7 hours ago, JetCat said:

I stumbled upon this video today and it is a very interesting simulation about the inner workings of the Apache:


This is one of the worst and least accurate videos I’ve seen about the Apache.

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