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Can someone teach me how to use a 3D rendering software?

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The model's I've seen coming out of the community are awesome and I would like to learn how you make them. What software do you use?


I'm relatively new in the 3d rendering business but I have made several objects including guns (M4's, Sniper rifles for Counter strike) and what nots. But the problem with me is that guns are very square based and cylindrical. I'm wondering how you make those smooth objects like the frame of a Su27 or a F16, etc.


Anyone have any hints or could point me in the right direction?



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For a main plane budget at 20,000 to 50,000 what you're looking at is a combo of high-poly 3D and low-poly game modeliing. A different style than the low-poly Quake-ish human models but it still shares some of the techniques to - Polygon budgeting, skin handling. And what you need is tutorials.


3D Buzz is practically the place to be with a lot of tutorials. 3D Kingdom is another useful site.


It also depends on the software you use for 3D Modelling. 3dsMax, Maya, SoftImage XSI have different styles/prices and you need to learn the special techniques each has.


You would also need some skinning basics as the LOMAC rendering engine uses skins rather than procedural textures.

You're likely to start out with a NURBs Cage or Sub-Division level that deforms into a nicely shaped airplane for the main frame and convert it to polygonal to get the import-able models that games use.

There also is a hierarchy to the sub-pieces of the frame that need to be organized including their pivot points. The sub-pices are usually done with low-poly techniques.

Getting plane schematics is also useful as you can "trace" the model around those. You also need to learn about LOD models. These are Level Of Detail models that are swapped in by the LOMAC rendering engine at various distances. A low-poly version can successfully be used at 1/100th of the # of polys. Some modelling programs do them automatically


And finally This Lockon thread-> Creating high-poly 3D Models and sending it to the DEVS will give mucho details specifically about LOMAC. Also note the people in this thread; they'd have a better idea than I would. :)


Good luck.


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