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Bugs found by advanced missionbuilding

STP Dragon

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Hey ED,


I have found some bugs while I build and tested my missions.

I hope this will be fixed in the patch because these are horrible problems!


1. Flags in onlinemissions:

The flags seems to be client specific. They have to be global!

If you join a running mission your flags are all "false" although some of them have to be "right" because of the progress of the mission.

This leads to triggeractions which sould not be happend.



2. Only one ammonition dump per FARP:

You can add many ammonition dumps on one FARP but only one is dominant.

If you destroy this dominant ammonition dump all the other ones are useless.

So there are many other ammonition dumps on the FARP but you are not able to reload.



3. Not working mobil service units on FARP:

I have one mission in which the mobile service units are not working.

I can do what I want. I get no radiocontact! Also if I add a new FARP with new units.

If I create a new mission, add a FARP and the same units it is working.

It seems that the .miz file is corrupt.

Used units:

- SKP-11 (Radio)

- ATZ-10 (Fuel)

- URAL-375 (Ammo)

- URAL-4320T (Repair)

(all in one group)



4. The red-white Radiotower:

The big Radiotower (not TV-Tower) crashes wrong.

It is falling to the left but if it crashes into the ground suddenly it stands again to the right. Also the grey grime which should be on the ground stands 90° vertical. The grime is hidden from one side so you can crash into it because you can't see it.



Will be fine if I get a feedback.

(Sorry for the bad englisch, I'm german)

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Ah, I forgot one!



5. Online Slots can't be activated.

In the missioneditor you are able to add a holdingtime to the Client-Slots and activate them per trigger.


Example: You have the mission to clean a enemy FARP. After that you can use this FARP to reload. It will be nice if you can respawn on this new FARP after you was shot by a SAM.

So you add some Ka-50-Client to the FARP, add a holdingtime of 23h and activate them once the FARP is clean.


Situation up to now: The not activated Ka-50 is not visible -OK-

Unlovely that you can select the not activated Ka-50 in the list. -Not OK-

Although you can't use it. -OK-

If the Ka-50 will be activated you still can't use it! -Not OK-

... and it is still not visible! -Not OK-

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For problem number 3, are you sure you have placed the service units within 100metres squared of the FARP ? I presume you will have and it probably is a bug, but if they arent within 100m they wont work.


I havent bothered with advanced map making as yet because I havent got the time to re-adjust everything 100 times to make sure they line up ingame as they are in the mission editor.


I cant wait for ed to fix the map problems and add the sat view back

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Yes the units are standing directly on the FARP.

Very close to the Ka-50 (ca. 20m).

I have a lot of experience in missionbuilding and the service was working in all other missions. Only in this mission it don't work.

I'm useing static objects for service now. So it is no problem for my mission.

I only want to say that a .miz can be corrupt this way and I hope that this problem will be fixed if I open and save the .miz after the patch.

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Thank you.

If needed there is the corrupt mission:



Like I sad, I'm using static objects now. But you can add mobil units and you will see that it is not working.

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Ah I remember an other one!


6. Random trigger at "Once-Trigger".

The triggerrule "Random" is only working for Missionstart-Trigger.

If you add "Random" to a "Once-Trigger" the trigger will be execute every millisecond since all triggerrules are "right". If the triggerrule "Random" randomly says "wrong" the trigger still be in the list for the next execute.

This will happen since the triggerrule "Random" randomly says "right". Then the triggeraction will be executed.

The triggerrule "Random" have no effect in "Once-Trigger".

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That's right. I red it in the manuel. But I think this is a bug which will not be found by everyone and I don't know if it was known by ED.

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