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Eech Apache, a few questions, need help...


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Hi All,


I've been looking for a good apache simulator since Longbow 2. And recently I found out about EECH. I have it running and I must say I'm pleasantly suprised. I have a few questions, though, I hope someone can help me out with them:


- How do I set up my xbox 360 controller, meaning, assigning every button. I managed to put the stick and cockpit view to both stick, but I would also like asign other buttons as for example the rudders to the LB and RB etc.


- As a gunner, how do I go down to the googles? (guncam)


- About the FLIR, I know in real life it is green, but I saw on youtube someone who changed it into black and white on the display. Could anyone help me create the same effect?


- How do I make the default cockpitview go abit backwards? I have the feeling I'm sitting on the display.

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Hi Ivonq

for your fist question I don't know!

The second -try whit { Insert; Home;PageUp; PageDown; End and Delete keys}

You can zoom whit 7;8;9 an Ctrl+F3 and Ctrl+F4 or Shift+F3 and F4 I do not remember right now...

That's all from me

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