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Patch Black Shark 1.0.1 Read Me Questions


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Patch Black Shark 1.0.1 Read Me Questions:


I am wondering what happened to the bugs and problems, and why are they not addressed in the first patch?


1) Bug where if you minimime your screen near a large body of water, it will not maximize again without going out and coming back into the mission?


2) It looks like there were no mulitplayer code problems found and fixed... so maybe there were not any and it was our computers to blame? (example: port 10308 shows up wrong often..)


3)The Bomblets did little damage to troops/soldiers and thought that there was a problem with the bomblets.. so maybe they were meant to be that weak?





more to follow..

feel free to add..




when I posted this in it's own thread, the patch readme was a closed thread. That is why I created a new thread, also it was made, just after the patch release notes were released.. in case someone wonderd why it was not in this thread originally.

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