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TCL: Poll on "New Lockon Competition Gunzo Missions"


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I would love to ask everyones opinion and vote on following topic:



Lockon 1v1 or 2v2 Gunzo Mission change or new idea:



NO Takeoffs and Landings

NO Sams

Fights start airborne head to head with 20nm range at 5000m altitude

Fuelloads ARE set and MUST be taken such as




  • Su-27 40%
  • F-15 52%

  • Mig-29 65%

  • Su-33 37%

This is the old establishment of the community and the fuelloads equal same "flighttime" as you all know.


(cheating fuel would not be possible in this case, because fuel is saved in .trk files - controlable ingame or hexeditor)




Winner is last man/team airborne.





I please you all to vote with YES or NO.





Depending on results i will make a new Mission.


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