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Warning lights SU-25

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Ah, sorry, you misunderstood me, I meant that warning light charts are not in the FC 2.0 manual, although they've been in the original 1.0 manual.


As the layout is different for each RU plane, a seperate chart for each plane would've been nice <- that is actually done in the "Lock_On_Reference_Manual.pdf" which came with the original LOMAC or Flamig Cliffs.

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Did you check the Flight Manual included in the Doc folder?


I bought FC2 so I checked the manual in de docs section of FC2. I did also a automated search in acrobat reader 9.0. There is NOT any description of the warning lights. The manual just tells there are warning lights but no description of each function.


I ALWAYS rtfm :book: But my excuses if I read over it.


@Mugenjin thanks a lot for your help :thumbup:


I have still that other question: Can I use the English language mod for Russian fighters in FC2?

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