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Update on the Logitech G940

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Looks like v5.09 of the Logitech Profiler is coming soon. Let's hope so anyway...





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geo111 - I explained in PM why we have the 3 device behavior, but I'll explain again publicly: See, we designed it as 3 unique devices to get around the Windows DirectInput limitations on analog axes. Windows can only detect so many analog inputs per device, and the original spec followed this logic:


Without Logitech Gaming Software installed, the firmware of the device would self-reduce the number of analog axes so that it would not throw DirectInput for a loop. We believed some people would prefer to run the joystick without the software AND allow for advanced, driver-free troubleshooting if the need arrived. This way the device could work in any situation we threw at it.



We fretted for a while over which axes would stay live and which would self disable in the event of no drivers, and we couldn't reach a good consensus. That's when the idea to have it identify as 3 seperate devices came into play, and it seemed like the best solution, because it not only allowed the highest compatibility with Windows, but allowed also for maximum tweakability for endusers who want to do unconventional things. There's talk of a soft-combine in a later version, but I'm not sure of the status of that (we're working on all of the other, less-work-aroundable issues). (UPDATE: It's on the wish list, but due to the massive rewrite that would have to take place, it will not happen in 5.09)




Cahuete - Most of 5.09 are bug fixes, though for example, we have taken steps to work around implementation of force feedback and centering spring force in 3rd party games. We've also improved how the G940 manages itself across several profiles, removed certain functionality bugs and a BSOD, and (this is a new announcement) we'll be unlocking more capabilities of the device. I'll be able to share specifics on this within the week.


I can also confirm that 5.09 is already available to some developers for them to give us last-minute feedback


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