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LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2 (English download version)


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Dear Eagle Dynamics Customer Support,


Log-in name: itv5

Order number: TXNR9QNOV2ZDIVO9WA

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium


I have sent an identical e-mail tosupport@lockon.ru, on the 18th April but unfortunately I haven't had any reply.

I presently have your Lock-On Gold and Black Shark installed on my PC, and when Lock-On 2 recently became available I decided to purchase it from your website.


After my purchase and receiving a confirmation of my purchase from you by e-mail, I down loaded three files, 1, Setup.exe 2, Setup-1.bin 3, Setup-2.bin. However, after downloading and saving them in the default downloads folder I am unable to run or install Lock-On 2.


The Information Box I keep on receiving each time that I try and run the Setup.exe file states "Please insert Disk 1 and click OK. If the files on the disk can be found in a folder other than the one displayed below, enter the correct path or click Browse, Path: C:\Users\Phil\Downloads".


I then select OK and a Error box appears stating " The file "Setup-1.bin" could not be located in "C:\Users\Phil\Downloads" Please insert the correct disk or select another folder.


I will be very grateful for any help/advice anyone can offer to enable me to soon start playing the much awaited Lock-On 2.


Kind regards,




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Hi, and welcome to the forum.


You appear to be having the same issue as the user in this thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=52829


Could you see if the resolutions proposed there work for you as well?


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Screenshot of the files please, perhaps you got duplicates and in this case Windows renames them (like renaming Setup-1.bin to Setup-1(1).bin or something like that).

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Thanks EtherealN and Distiler for your much appreciated help with my post!!

I followed on to the link that you supplied and I have now mannaged to get FC 2 up and flying, I've only been looking and flying FC 2 for about an hour but WOW what a huge improvement on FC 1 (even though I thought, and still do think that FC 1 was/is good) the graphics, sounds, fire and explosions, AI and the aircraft panels, avionics, handling and the scenery etc are brilliant.


The reason that I couldn't install FC 2 was because of the lack of official download and install instructions on the LockOn website, when I downloaded the 3 files and tried to run and install them and had probs, I thought that there must have been a download/corruption issue, so I would try re downloading the files again, and now, as Distiler pointed out that was where the problems began, anyway... Thanks again for your help.

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Depends on what kind "trouble" you have? Please be more specific about your problem.


- File's wont start download?

- Files start to download, but incomplete?

- Completed download, but when you doubleclick Setup.exe some error is presented?

Or did you try to "run" the files when the download started? Don't :)


Because you must use "save as" and save them to a folder.

Then *only* when all 3 are downloaded completly, you can Start the SETUP.EXE

The *.bin files are data-files, so you should not attempt to start them.

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