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VPJT Recruiting For 2010!

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The Patriots Jet Demonstration Team is now looking for new recruits for our virtual component, the Virtual Patriots Jet Team. The Patriots Jet Team is the only civilian owned jet team in the United States, currently operating four L-39 Albatros jet trainers, and performing primarily for airshow crowds on the western coast of the US. The 2011 show season is looking promising with the possibility of adding one or two more aircraft to the demonstration.


The Virtual Patriots Jet Team not only have a unique relationship with the pilots and support of the real team, but are also an official component, supporting the Patriots Jet Team in marketing and general publicity on the airshow circuit. Becoming a part of the VPJT includes numerous possibilities including, assisting in sponsorship proposals, developing and testing the 2011 show routine, and assisting the real team at various airshow events.


The VPJT currently consists of 6 members including pilots and support, but we are looking to fill new positions for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. All positions on the VPJT are open for the possibility of change and recruits may end up filling any position in the formation. Current needs include two extra pilots for the 2011 show season and 2010 training season, web design, camera work, and narration. Any new recruit, regardless of position interest, will need to possess the ability to learn basic aerobatic and formation skills.


Current Roster (subject to change):

#1 Anthony ‘Blaze’ Echavarria (Flight Lead/Modder)

#2 Cory ‘SilentEagle’ Parks (Right Wing/Modder)

#3 Ian ‘Burner’ Roberts (Left Wing/Trainer)

#4 Sien ‘ Sinister’ Pileggi (Slot/Team Relations)

#5 Chris ‘Striker’ Curtis (Narrator/Backup Left)

#6 Travis ‘Bow’ Munoz (Real & Virtual Support/Backup Slot)



- Be at least 18 years of age.

- Must not be part of or member of another virtual aerobatic squadron if selected.

- Be able to meet practice times and schedules for show season (usually at or later than 9pm or later EST)

- Flaming Cliffs 2.0

- Decent down/up internet connection speeds

- Track IR (recommended but not required)

- Headset with mic

- HOTAS Flight Controls (stick, throttle, rudders)

- Gaming PC or System that meets requirements





1. For the first tryout, we will determine your flying ability for formation aerobatics. What we look for is good basic flying , how well you hold your position, and your knowledge of aircraft and formation aerobatics.


2. If your asked to come back, we will look at your ability to learn the show and your SA around the field and in the show. More importantly, we like to see how well you fit in with the team. So we'll be looking for things other than your flying here.


3. If you make it here you are on the right track! By this time we will have abused you enough and you'll be ready for the real flying to start.


Visit http://www.virtualpatriots.com/forum and contact one of the team members to schedule a tryout. Also be sure to check out the Patriots Jet Team's website at http://www.patriotsjetteam.com for more information on the real aspect of our team.




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