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Problem with Playback not recognizing skin changes


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I was wondering if the playback data is coded so that it tries to link to a particular cdds file instead of the actual texture file?


I have been working on some different skins and I have found that when I tried to play a track from a previous flight with previous skin, If I change the skin in the BAZAR\Temp Textures folder, it does not show up in the replay of the track.. But if I start a single player mission.. the skin shows up and when I record a track in that skin, it shows up .. but now when I change the skin again in the folder and play that last track.. the second skin that was loaded shows up .. but not the new one..


In the Bazar\Temp Textures folder I just renamed the file to be the same as the current skin file name

Temp Texturesfuse_T.bmp and then _T2...T3.. etc.. for the fuselage

and Temp Textureswings_t.bmp for the wings..


Now when I did this same action in 1.12.. the skin shows up for all the jets during the replay of the track..


It seems like to me that the track records everything AS IS and plays it back AS IS .. no changes can be made to its textures..


Ive gone into the track file and didnt see any lines for the skin textures..


Im really wanting this to be an option so that I can see how the jets look in formation with the different paint. Any ideas

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