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How to see the Target Designator in SU-25T

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Hey guys, I read that if you add targeting data in the mission editor, it will appear in the HUD. Thing is, I don't see it after adding the targeting data in the mission editor. Does it only apear within a certain distance? That TD would be very useful since hunting for targets is pretty tough slewing a narrow TV screen at high speed. I was about 30KM from the target at 1500AGL.



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In Lockon FC1 it worked differently. The targets appeared as Diamond Symbols in the HUD for the A10. All you had to do was designate a specific target in the mission editor.


It works totally different in FC2! I started a thread about this topic over on the forums here. And I did get it to work in a A10 Multiplayer mission that I made. I think it works this same way for all AtoG aircraft in FC2.


The short story is that you need several things:


  1. You must designate your target as a 'Point' type target. It helps if you do this on a waypoint that is further away, like at your IP, and also another waypoint near the target.
  2. You must have an AI wingmen with your flight. Yes, even in multiplayer...


They way they say this works is that your wingmen is Lasing the target for you. He picks the target that he wants within the area ring around your assigned 'Point' target. I don't see how or why he would do that.. :doh: but that's what one of the posts said.


In my mission I had a AA with some tanks, trucks, and buildings. I wanted him to lase the AA for me, but with the 'Point' target type, you are not picking a specific object type, it's just an area. But he did pick the AA for me and put the diamond in the hud when we reached the correct waypoint.


Hope this helps...



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