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SU-25T TV Monitor Question

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I'm kinda just training with some of the weps in the SU-25T and on one of the missions it's about dropping a TV guided bomb on a structure.


Problem is, even on full zoom the structure is not visible until I'm pretty close, it kinda fades in (on the monitor) so it's pretty hard to lock onto the building from far enough out and it's all kind of a last minute rush to get lined up etc.:megalol:


So, what I need is a fix to increase the draw distance of objects in the monitor, thus enabling me to see them quicker, is that possible via one of the config files?


AS far as I'm aware I don't remember changing anything so not to sure if this is default viewing distance or not but as I say, I need to increase it.


Cheers gents :helpsmilie:

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Change fog param in graphics.cfg


FogParam1 = 10;

FogParam2 = 1.1;




FogParam1 = 10;

FogParam2 = 0;


After you won't be able to join on public servers.

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