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  1. Hey I have no sound at all in Open Beta. Here is the log: 2022-03-18 11:03:46.349 INFO SOUND: Opening audio device "{}.{8cdc2d5a-5aa9-4694-9320-5ab286456026}" 2022-03-18 11:03:46.349 INFO SOUND: Speaker layout: auto 2022-03-18 11:03:46.354 INFO SOUND: Driver reports 8 channels with mask 0x63F 2022-03-18 11:03:46.354 INFO SOUND: Using 8 channels at 48000 Hz 2022-03-18 11:03:46.354 INFO SOUND: Channel layout: FrontLeft FrontRight FrontCenter LowFrequency BackLeft BackRight SideLeft SideRight 2022-03-18 11:03:46.372 ERROR SOUND: Failed to Initialize IAudioClient: 0x88890008 (AUDCLNT_E_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT) 2022-03-18 11:03:46.372 ERROR SOUND: Failed to start SND_Renderer. 2022-03-18 11:03:46.372 ERROR SOUND: can't start renderer In stable I used autoexec hack: sound.samplerate = 44100 But it does not fix Open Beta...
  2. Boberro


    Can't believe that this thread is still alive xD :D
  3. Boberro


    Valid evidence? Maybe in your eyes. If you are more willing to believe in UFO then even a blinking star will be a sign for you. I support my claim - there is no any real evidence of UFO presence on Earth. There is no any clear footage done by good camera. I can easily say that any UFO seeing is just a projection done by the Satan. I have no proof for that as you have no proof to support your story. It is just a belief you follow. Nothing more, nothing less. When there is a valid material in good quality then I may reconsider my statement. But for now UFO understood as advanced alien civilization does not exist on Earth, does not come to visit and say "hello".
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    For me it is still up to debate. Why? There is no any valid evidence of the UFO presence. We live in the world of 4K cameras in the phones. Quite good quality cams are also very much present on the streets. The people take 4K_60_HDR while they take a dump. Meanwhile there is no any good quality recording of the UFO :) Weirdly they choose to invade Earth only when in the neighbourhood are people equipped with 20 years old phones :D The radars and other detection systems can be misleading. In the Cold War clouds made long range fire detection system stupid and showed to the Russians that Americans began a war. When we take the God in consideration, I could also say that such UFO is only a projection done by the Satan to make people follow something which is not important. Do I have a proof? Nope. Do you have valid proof for your claims? Nope. The belief stays - for the both of the sides.
  5. Boberro


    I guess you may be right :D The what? Who rumours that example the pope has an contact with aliens? The question is, how can you show something which has not been proven and exist only in the minds of the believers? That is called a belief. I can also say that if you watch carefully by your eye, spend honest time to think about then you will see the Biblical God. Will you? No you will not see him. You will believe in him and his presence. But that stays only in your head. I don't know what kind of drug you have taken but I want this stuff too :D syays
  6. I would like have an RWR too :D I could get warning that S-300 launched at me a missile 2 km further xD
  7. Boberro


    It is a chance, yes. But a chance is not smth valuable in this aspect - we ca't measure the chance to say that there are out there other smart life forms. There is only a belief - one believes that there has to be something there because it is not possible to have so enormous space with only the human race. Can the one's prove it? Nope. The other one believes that there is no chance to be other smart life form. There is no way to deny either of the both beliefs. You don't have to believe in the Genesis to be sceptical about other life forms (understood as smth more than a bacteria) in a space. UFO understood as alien developed life form has not been proved, so remains as unknown. There is no any bullet proof evidence that Earth has been visited by the aliens, there is no scientific proof of anything that happened, ever. Everything like we have today is just an belief - you can believe that the lights on the sky moving fast were the example of UFO. But it is only your belief, based usually on low quality video, recorded by someone with the Parkinson disease :D
  8. Boberro


    The probability of existing UFO understood as intelligent life form is as possible as denying it. Nobody can prove anything in this moment. Saying that there are billions of planets, galaxies and there has to be somebody else is also very stupid, I would say on the same level as saying - no, we are completely alone. In either case, it is only a faith - either you believe there are aliens or not. The science can prove nothing in this case.
  9. MiG-31 would be very nice, indeed. However this plane is as huge as family house with turn radius size of Germany :P Nonetheless, I would love to fly this literally brick.
  10. The guy who put frameless canopy should get Nobel prize for innovation :D Field of view is outstanding.
  11. Wow, as I cannot test it now, does it free used RAM for scenery objects and increase FPS or they are still in memory but just not visible for player?
  12. You are partially right and wrong same time. 20-30 years ago and earlier there were only two genders. Male and female. And everyone was assigned to be one of these two. Today you can say you feel that you are a horse so you are horse gender - in big simplicity. Everyone who disagrees or is against is being called homophobe. He must accept deviations like that, otherwise he can be banned or stoned because he hurt feelings of the a man who think he is a horse. We live in really weird times, where it is forbidden to say that one ethnic group is majority in prisons because then you are racist. Even if you post real data regarding this matter. If you are against gender parities in company, where there has to be at least 1 woman as chairman then you are idiot, crazy man ect. In the same time when those people scream at you "idiot", "homophobe", "racist" they can't give a thought that not everything must be as they wish and maybe they're wrong. Not every must fit everywhere, pilots are in 99% men. Should be there women in DCS? I don't care as long as it doesn't touches nowadays stupidity that women have to prove that they are better than man. In some they are better, in some they are completely useless and that is a fact.:)
  13. LMAO Nooo, I want a cat pilot.
  14. We buy their products. In this price there is already profit for later development, bills ect. They could be donated if somebody wants, though :)
  15. Those skins are magnificent. Good job.
  16. Noooooo, this plane is iconic in DCS, should be given some love like adding Pastel RWR, doing realistic Shkval ect...:)
  17. R-60 can't kill a mosquito, not saying about common fly, so compared to Shturms it is a quite a loss. If you would have been lucky, you could kill a fighter by Shturm. There were engagements in DCS World, where p00r F-15C was killed by Vikhr fired by Ka-50. Not saying about dozen of even more pooooor A-10C which died. But so far I know nobody who died, being killed by R-60.
  18. Well to be honest, sometimes it was visible that company comes from Russia, so people there had still in mind "soviet style" of communication, ekhm quite strict, raw and with sometimes low rude attitude. They were born, lived around this. But in XXI century in globalized world communication is important, and its change here is visible. The change is for plus of course.
  19. I will pack all AIM-54C possible and shot down poor MiGs and Sus making red side crazy :D
  20. Finally F-16, the true killing badass. I expect short life of Russian birds against F-16, F-18 with unstoppable AIM-120 and F-14 with daddy long legs AIM-54C lol :D
  21. Instead of requesting over and over X terrain, it would be better to finally get terrain development tools as promised 10 years ago. But nooooooo............, it is better to release one map for 5 years and keep tools for myself lol.
  22. I agree. So far Asus has never failed me yet. Beginning from laptops, ending at GPUs.
  23. I would recommend offline version CS6. CC is very good too if you accept such policy (subscription). For task you want to do, even very old Photoshop will be really comfortable.
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