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And again a huge disappointemnt


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In the payment department that is.


A good while ago people (and me to) complained that the only payment method is by credit card.

Several alternatives where suggested but surprisingly i just saw we once again can only pay by credit card.


When are we going to get some other payment options?

I don't have a credit card, and a lot of other people don't have one either.

Why cant we pay trough PayPal for example? or ClickandBuy?

Sure there must be some other options besides credit cards.


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Try opening a checking account and request a debit card. It should work just fine anywhere credit cards are accepted, and you won't have to worry(as much) about excessive account fee's.

That would be a great idea, but I have tried to purchase I copy for myself using our visa debit card from our bank and the site will not allow the purchase. Paypal would be alot easier. I am trying once more to email support, no reply for two weeks to my original email. Would be great if paypal is an option one of these days.

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Creating a Moneybookers account and apply a MasterCard...its kinda prepaid Credit Card...coz the amount on the monyebookers account is what you have available to Credit Card.

The fee is 10€/year


Also there are a lots of cheap Prepaid Credit Cards available...at least in germany...


For me no problem now coz I have a Moneybookers account..but with the goal to make different payments..



BUT..I really wonder why there is no other payment possible. Because getting a Prepaid/Postpaid Credit Card only to buy a game is nonsense.

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