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  1. Can you please remind me what LOD is again? Been away for to long. (render distance of objects and buildings i believe?) As for the video card, the 2080 is still around 200 euro's more expensive. Guess i could drop the windows 10 and keep using my windows 8 license? downside is that i can't run both systems at the same time then to copy over some stuff. (unless i unplug the old one from the good old internet?) BitMaster, i noticed you use an SSD as pagefile in your signature. Curious what the benefits of this are? Thank's for the help so far guys.
  2. Hi everyone, Been looking to build a new system for a while now. Problem is i got a bit out of touch whit the latest tech, is the below setup sensible for playing DCS World at 4k and (near) constant 60 fps? Don't mind if i can't run absolute max settings. PS, also do some video editing/rendering on occasion nothing fancy. (my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKw35resCE5-RhS9Nign4uA/videos ) AMD Ryzen 7 2700, 3,2 GHz (4,1 GHz Turbo Boost) socket AM4 processor GIGABYTE AORUS X470 Ultra Gaming, socket AM4 moederbord Corsair 32 GB DDR4-2666 Kit werkgeheugen Samsung 1 TB, 970 EVO SSD (For games/video editing) Samsung 250 GB, 970 EVO SSD (for the system, windows, drivers, anti-virus, office etc) Corsair RM850X, 850 Watt voeding GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING OC 8G grafische kaart Microsoft Windows 10 software For a total of 1860 euro including shipment.
  3. Nice System, pretty similar to what i have in mind. What resolution are you running? Curious to see how much headroom the CPU has when running on 4k resolution. (if any)
  4. Thanks for the help and advice guys. Gonna be a tough choice on what to get. As far as the clock, it's still spot on after letting the computer on overnight running Folding @ Home.
  5. Interesting BitMaster, what's your reason to go for Threadripper now instead of (Ryzen 7) / i7 7700k?
  6. Ok, there all around the 1 euro range here hence the question. Anyway took the old one out ( el cheapo) and measured 3.270 V Took a new one, a el cheapo i still had lying around and measured 3.372 V Starting to think I'm having a whole different issue, but can cause a CMOS clock to reset to random times other then a battery?
  7. No idea where to find a reputable dealer concerning batteries. But I'd still have some lying around, on a cardboard as you set. Never hurts to try i guess, Ill post the results here when done. ***edit*** Any idea of a decent brand? One's i have here are indeed el cheapo ones. however i struggle to find batteries more expensive then 1 euro.
  8. Changed the CMOS like 5 times. first time it helped for about 2 or 3 months. Last time it didn't help at all. Probably to do whit the fact i plugged in the power button lead wrongly and tried to boot the computer, shorting something on the mobo. Thanks for the help guys, is there any Intel/AMD CPU much better at this point for DCS then the other at a similar price point? And how about AMD Vega Graphics versus Nvidea 1070/80/80Ti in DCS ?
  9. Hello all, Having a bit of a dilemma on weather i should repair my PC or upgrade it. The problem is that there is a hardware fault (out of warranty) in my motherboard causing the clock to display random times and change at will, even going back in time. The last few weeks the problem is getting more frequent and as such it's related issues immensely annoying. Now the question is, should i just buy a new mobo and keep the other hardware, or go for a new mobo+cpu upgrade? Running Windows 8 mobo: Asus Z87-A (socket 1150) CPU: I7-4770 GFX: GTX 970 RAM: 16 GB Kingston Hyper X multipe SSD's and a HDD Monitor 4K phillips 40" Now i have not played DCS in a while because of a lack of performance at 4k as well as this clock issue causing all kinds of weird stuff. But planning to get back into things. Ill also intend to run Folding @ Home for extended periods of time. So, get a new mobo, personally love ASUS. Or maybe better upgrade to either an Intel / AMD platform? (considering threadripper because of the folding, though ryzen should do quite nicely as well) And what is the latest news on graphics cards in DCS for running on 4k resolution? (Focussing on DCS 2.xx since 1.5 will be absolute soon, well, DCS soon anyway)
  10. You mean the optimizations being implemented in other games right? Not the ones (in general) in DCS. Also, last time i checked the take of ED was not to support multiple cores, apart from the sound engine. Anything changed in the last 2 years orso?
  11. Better don't forget to remove them when its on a stealth mission. Not that, that will be any time soon......
  12. Now, what I am curious about is at what distance the Dutch LCF frigate picked up the F-35 on its radar.:music_whistling: One of these i mean;
  13. Lol, that's nothing. You should look up all the "you have played to much DCS xxx when" threads; http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=997012#post997012
  14. The initial heading is (i believe) based on wind direction. At least when starting on a farp, so if that's the case you could try changing the wind direction.
  15. @ EKG, (and others) Because there's already been hundreds of threads like this? And it has already been stated an even greater amount of times that this is not the point of the FC3 aircraft? The point of them is to cater for a different audience that enjoys the level of simulation they represent. As well as offering modules at a different price level then lets say the A-10C And if were going to the "but this is a wishlist forum" then each thread created should be closed after the initial post. Cause someone's wishes are just that, and more then likely not open to discussion.
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