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Can't Zoom Out

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You need to edit the View.lua file and set the max fov to 220. Also it works best if you modify the snapviewdefaults to start at 220 viewangle. I'm away from my pit for the week but when I get home i'll double check my settings.

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Scooternutz. Did you have any luck with the zoom. Im running eyefinity. Ive changed the view.lua file.


CameraViewAnglelLimits[PlaneIndex. iKA_50] = {20.0, 120.0}


When ever i change 120.0 to any other number and then zoom out the game will freeze. Crtl 'Alt' Delete to shut the game off.


DCS Could you PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM. You got it right in A10 c. Please fix this problem.



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