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Realism makes ANY genre better


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Take the RTS example. If not for Myth The Fallen Lords, Total War series, Homeworld etc. we would still have the same old c*p a la Starcraft :P You also have the recent rise of physics based games like e.g. World of Goo. With these examples you've only been warmed up for a piece that will blow you away with the creator's attitude and ideas. If you're not amazed by it you don't have that THING for realism in your heart. You're just about planes :P So, here we go. Ladies and Gentlemen. Hereby I introduce you to Overgrowth by Wolfire Games!


Funny enough I've recently stumbled upon a group of ~4 guys that that have made that out of the box thinking their hallmark. Check these out:




active falling behavior

animation details

falling damage


visual and audio AI detection


more advanced damages



blood effects





*** In the light of the videos I posted above this obviously goes to Bohemia Interactive for their animations in ArmA 2.

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