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I would like to propose an idea for creation of a different concept for multiplayer.


First I shall mention that I’m not an experienced mission builder but when I go online I see some issues regarding the number of servers, quality of missions, and clients experience.

I understand it’s hard enough to construct a mission from strategic point of view and I imagine it’s not easy to implement associated triggers but lets have a look at the following idea.


Lets say you have joined a server and opened the briefing page and what you see is a territory map and brief description in the language you don’t understand. Obviously this approach is not going to produce a lot to your flight experience and nor will it do to the mission goals.

The briefing could be produced via PDF url for each collision side with pictures and plans for each flight number in common languages and the rest could be transsexualiated with go0gle.


Fighter sweep, Fighter sweep, Fighter sweep, Is that it?

I haven’t learned the full potential and limitations of trigger system as I’ve mentioned earlier and I would like if you guys could highlight some limitations as well as some interesting examples regarding some possibilities that you’ve experienced.

For instance how about Escort task for a fighter?



For example you taxi to the take off area > it triggers C-17 flight > you escort C-17 to designated waypoint or airfield> it triggers the activation of delivered units in the area> RTB and repeat the task. Perhaps it could be an element towards achieving the missions goal.



You take fast mover into the enemy territory, fly over designated coordinates and altitude> it triggers messages or way points to others. Obviously the whole concept of simulation shouldn’t be based on the kill but rather to protect each flight number.


(CAS and SAED)

SEAD could explore locations as well as taking out priority targets and certain elements, CAS could also be done with Mig-29 and SU-27/33 with defensive kickback so to speak.


So how would it be possible to attract the interests of good pilots to fly online, as well as other flight simmers? Well I believe it can be done with some effort and team work. Tit’s not one mans army.


Edit: Also about the messages, I think a it’s better to present the directions in the form like 005 for 10km/6nm rather than 5 degrees for 10km/6nm

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I've given some thought that once FC3 is released that I might make some multiplayer scenarios that are designed with specific missions in mind. It depends on what all changes in the capabilities of the mission editor of WH to FC3. But given just the changes from FC2 to WH I'd say we can accomplish alot of creative objectives pretty easily. Hell I could easily re-make Capturing Maykop using the WH editor with at least 400 less triggers...which I might do :D


Personally I'd rather see smaller purpose built missions that have more AI, and less player aircraft available. Making missions where "everything is flyable" just limits what you can do within a mission, the P-51 release should make this painfully obvious, it simply doesn't fit in with Flankers or Eagles. If server stability with loading missions increases I wouldn't mind making something that could be a 15-30 minute "match" designed around several possible gameplay mechanics.

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