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  1. monotwix

    Eye Candy

    Hawk the destroyer so to speak. Bog the Dounty Fanta. The training is important, my local college says so, they all do. The Jaguar as a trainer caching £.
  2. Be a man and get your rms a small RC jet engine. It can do hair drying, nail clipping, hot sauna, sound of private jet holiday, food cooking and slicing, smoke ventilation, blow the sick leaves in the autumn.
  3. Did you read the mission briefing?
  4. I sought about the IRS knob positions in PMDG manual at some point during the flight, that was when I decided to switch the IRS knobs from NAV to OFF. Well in this case I’m trying maintain the experience as a hobby and learn a little at a time, I’ve even got a file of an airline manuals but the extent of it is outside of my scope. The reading, practice and tutorials helped me understand the process of getting from A to B and the FMC functions to some degree. My understanding of the system is limited yet I click on switches and buttons, fly sids and stars, holds,.. In this example I’m interested in the sequences of clicks that a pilot would do in the two different circumstances: 1. IRS failure 2. IRS switches are found in OFF position (they are not caped). Thanks for your enthusiastic interest, just kidding, no I’m not. Ta.
  5. You are leaking your thoughts in this thread, and you can’t do that, you are better of with bzzzzzzzzzz. And your mimimi, has nothing to do with UFO, it’s AIM-120 on its final glance. You can assume that SU-27 radar dish is stupider >0
  6. Well, every brain generates some frequency whether it’s a click of a mouse or a spring wire. If you can click your mouse you can do this:
  7. Have you tried Air to Air with it yet?
  8. You could stick your answer for some one who asks for that particular question.
  9. How about the IRS you bastards?
  10. Can you make a pancake without looking in the mirror?
  11. Would you share your understanding of the IRS system? At some point during my PMDG 737 NGX flight I was a bit curious to see the effects of switching the IRS knobs from NAV to OFF in flight, (why not?),.. OK I understand the effects of ripping all the NAV data from the displays but then I have no idea how to reinstate the NAV system, with all the GPS wires and stuff to continue on with the flight. Actually I had that idea based on watching one of those Air crash Investigation programs. What would you do, any idea?
  12. Look what some people see. Russian road rage has gone totally nuts in this vio, no compassion for action viewers.
  13. Do you slam the 737-800 exit door on completion of the checklist?
  14. They can only send their reply with the speed of light, so it will take a while to go through all that space-time.
  15. He is a nice video artist. One day we gonna enforce the acting duties on him for free.
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