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A-10C won't run


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Hi gents,


Brand new to the game and these forums. I successfully installed DCS: A-10C Warthog as soon as I got my new rig home. Ran it a couple of times to set up my flight controls and to fly the test mission. I started making some minor changes to the graphics, i.e Mirrors, Heat Blur, cockpit resolution, then tried to fly it again.


Window pops up a box, "DCS: A-10C has stopped working".


I uninstalled the sim and re-installed 3 times and Win7 Home Premium edition 64bit still will not running it. My guess it's this pesky Win7 causing the problem. I currently have it un-installed and have looked around for any stray files and don't see any.


What do I need to do to successfully get Warthog back on my computer?


i5 quad core CPU, 8gig 1600hz DDR3 RAM, 120G SSD, Radeon 6950 2gig video card, 1,000w power supply, Win7 Home Premium 64bit.


Thanx for any help you can provide,



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You'll probably get kicked in the teeth by somebody for posting this in the Lock On forum section, but since it's your first post it's quite alright in my opinion. Just don't be surprised if your thread gets moved to the DCS: A-10C /Bugs and problems subforum.


Did you buy the retail disk version, download version, or Steam version?


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