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mk82air ccip problem?


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I've been playing for a while and have been loving Mk82airs, but with this last patch i've noticed something weird. I usually switch them to the low drag mode and use them as normal 82s for dive bombing while having the availability to "shotgun" a cluster of targets in need be.


the issue I'm having is that i'm hosting my own LAN server to play pilot search v1 and loading a custom loadout with Mk82airs. I set them to low drag in the inventory page without changing the selections of fuze types, then go to the profile page and select nose fuzing like normal. when i am over the target i am not getting data for a ccip or ccrp release unless i select n/t in which it treats it as a high drag bomb while not deploying the shoot. so all of my bombs are landing far past where i'm aiming...


i went back to the inventory page and tried every combination of fuzes on the nose and the tail and still could not get it to work... but if i create my own mission to test it i have no issue like before. an


any ideas?

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Try this:

- go to DSMS, select INV

- select the particular station where you have the MK-82AIR on

- select INV STAT to get into MK-82AIR INVENTORY


- now you can either LOAD (for one station) or LOAD SYM for the selected and opposite station

- select STAT to return to DSMS

- select the weapon stations you want to include for your new profile

- select PROF to enter the profile control

- change fuze to NOSE

- enter a new profile name using UFC or CDU

- save that clicking OSB 18 (where it says NEW)

- click on OSB 3 (SAVE) to save new profile


Now you can activate this profile via DMS etc. Actually you could create two profiles (one for HD high drag and the other for LD low drag) and set the config to PLT OPT (pilot option). That way it would be simple to switch the profiles "on the fly" using the DMS but that seems to be a bit "broken" right now. SO everytime you switch from "HI" to "LO" you have to change it in the INV first.

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