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Steam Sale and some Questions


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Hi Guys


I'm new here and just wanted to drop some Questions.


Because i'm a regular Steam buyer and have most my games there i considered buying DCS A-10c on Steam.


But to my surprise you can't play with the regular DCS: BS version together but have to "upgrade" it. There is no upgrade version on Steam as well as no Lock on FC 2 what i find very sad.


I really hesitate to buy a mixed game (half steam/half non steam) because i want to have my games on 1 plattform.


So here are my Questions.


1.) Will DCS:BS 2 be also sold on steam at some point?

2.) Will future DCS releases be sold on steam?


3.) Why was Lock on FC2 considered as DCS starter plattform and then dropped? I wouldn't want to buy something that get's 1 addition and then is dropped and "continued" with a new production line where the previous version get useless.


My impression was that DCS should be a total new collection line what allready is a bit of a mess because DCS BS isn't compatible without upgrade to DCS warthog and Lock on FC2 is completly not usable to the later.


Wouldn't it make more sense to bring them all in line bevor making newer and newer versions that aren't backwards compatible. Eliminates somehow the ability to call it a "collection" what i'm the most interessted in. All aircraft usable in one spot.


Hope anyone can answer my Questions.

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1:BS2 simply wasn't sold on steam, we never found out why.

2: Only ED know that but I would assume so.

3: This is basically what was said, "We realised that to do a high fidelity helicopter with 6DOF pit and clickable switches we needed a whole new game and couldn't add it in.


As a side note don't be suprised if this thread is moved. It's currently in the wish list section. No idea where it'll be moved too though so just have a look around.

Always remember. I don't have a clue what I'm doing

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When you buy a DCS title on steam you get the cd-key. You then download the game here, fully patched, and use the cd-key to activate it. The game is 64 bit and so incompatable with steam (steam opens a .bat file which then runs the game) so you'll get no steam features in the game whatsoever.


The installer is easy to use and you get a little flexibility with where to place it (highly recommend placing it on an SSD :) )


Oh and when you buy Black Shark, I do believe the cd-key also works on Black Shark 2. I'll look into that.


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