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Infantry & some light vehicle testing results + Bug report

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After running into a few problems with a mission i'm making involving an infantry fight i decided to do some testing. Here are the results for anyone interested.


* All testing was USA firing on Russian targets.


  • Infantry will not fire upon heavy armoured units. Tanks & APCs. They will fire on armoured trucks & Boman/BMD1
  • Infantry will fire for 2:30 minutes and NEVER relaod.
  • Infantry have a range <600m no matter the skill setting.
  • BUG: There appears to be a bug with the USA infantry where they will not fire or be fired upon. I've been unable to figure it out but it defiantly exists. Tests were carried out in clear perfect weather, no fog, flat terrain. Some times it seems the infantry had no AI logic to make them targets or to fire. Very annoying. Seems to occur randomly. Mission attached has this bug.


Light Vehicle Range Testing Vs Infantry.

  • Hummer <600m
  • Stryker ICV <1100m
  • LAV25 <600m (>1500m against vehicles)
  • Bradley <700m (>1500m against vehicles)




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typo - BMD not BMP

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