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Bmp Skins Inserted Into Cdds - Tutorial


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Downloaded install LoMan 5.


As we all know the high resolution skins placed in temptexture folder can have detramental effects on game performance. Here is how I've been installing the skins.


Firstly. Before we start make a backup copy of you Lockon Game. Copy the whole game into a new folder and call it "Lock On - Original".


Uninstall loman 4 and download / install the new Modman. When installing, install all the extra files for lockon when it asks.


Download 1 or all of the following skins.






Once they are downloaded unzip them to the DESKTOP. Not to temptextures.


For this example we will use the SHARK-SU27 Skin.


1. Open the CDDS Browser in ModMan and set CDDS File path to "..\Lock On\Bazar\World\worldtexturesbmp2.cdds.


2. Set the Export/Import path to the "temptextures" folder which contains your new skin. eg. "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\SHARK-SU27".


3. In Modman scroll down to index line 125. "SU-27-SKIN-L-05.BMP. Notice it is the same size as the bmp file. 2048x2048.


4. Now press the "Insert" Button. a new window will pop up. Change the input file format to "BMP" and press insert. The first time you do this it will want to create a "safe" folder. So create a new folder and call it "CDDS-Safe". It will then say "Safe copy done as..."

Press "Quit" down the bottom right and you should see the new skin in the view window on the left. Do the same for "SU-27-SKIN-L-05.BMP".


That's it! Your done. We have now replaced the original skin with the new skin and it will have no detrimental effect on game performance.


For the F15 skins it's exactly the same except the CDDS files are different. The f15's are in "WorldTexturesBMP.cdds"

WARNING! The F-15-PAINT-R-DEF-2.BMP and "F-15-PAINT-R-DEF-3.BMP files go to "WorldTexturesBMP2.cdds" files.

Why they are seperated I do not know.

The Fuel tank "PTB-64x32.bmp" goes into "WorldTexturesBMP1.cdds"

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