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Recommended way to slave Macbook Air to main computer?


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Hi there,


I've got DCS World running on a single 37" Sharp Aquos with TrackIR right now and I'm wondering if there is some way I can make use of this Macbook Air I have sitting around.


I've seen the iPad software which was impressive, but I'm on a limited budget and can't really afford to kick out $400 for an iPad. Nor can I spend $200 for 2 MFD's + LCD's, or however much for a separate touch screen at the moment.


Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can best use the Macbook Air? Helios looked like it was a single system program, and HawgTouch looks like it doesn't allow for input over a network.


I'd really like to export the Shkval system on the SU-25T, and then later, the MFD's on the A-10C. Is there a way to do this that will get decent framerates or am I better off just spending the money on an extra monitor/touchscreen and going with Helios?




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I believe you can use helios from a different computer but you'll windows on you mac, running parallels would probably reduce the fps on the MBA so id recommend bootcamp, thats $200 for windows alone, you can get a second monitor for half that.


Even with the mba you still wont have a touch screen so ud have to use the mousepad for that computer, i can see it being used as a CDU with helios mapping the CDU keys to the MBA's keyboard.


My advice is get a touch screen or at least another monitor, MBA usually have small ssds so youd need to put at least 40gbs of that to windows and the bootcamp drivers n software.


A shot in ghe dark would be to use air display to exrend the pcs screen into the mac but chances are it will nit work so good but may be worth a shot. Good luck!



27" iMac, 3.4GHz i7 Quad Core, 16GB Ram, AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2Gb, Running Bootcamp, Windows 7 Home 64bit, Saitek X-52 Pro

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