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I got plenty of crashes and disconnects since the first version of Blackshark. Those problems dissapeared from version to version and reapeared. We got a simulation in witch stability is very important because of very long missions. Am I the only one who hardly can finish any multiplayer mission or is this a major problem? I know that we have a lot of beta parts in it that may cause this but the most important thing in a sim like this is stability.


Every time we try to get a mission up with our squadron we encounter problems that kills the immersion. I would nt suggest DCS to any friend because of the massive investments that would be needed simply because of the many bugs that are still spread over any module.


I love this sim and it s simply the best I ve fpown over 15 years but there still do many show stoppers that I just cant enjoy it most of the time.


Its a pitty and I realoy hope stability gets most attention. I hate it when I fire up the game, take place in my cockpit and the game crashes or Im getting a disconnect after the startup.


With you since the first flanker.



BKLronin memeber of the 49th Black Diamonds




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not that my opinion matters but i still run and the waters just fine...

Modded CapLoz HeliosV2.1_1280x1024.zip


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Flaming Cliffs 3

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