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DCS:World Multiplayer crash on startup request


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I´ve attached a number of .log-files associated with the crash of DCS:World multiplayer used as server.


The issue occurs with the Ka-50 after the radios are electrically supplied and the proper frequency is tuned.

Requesting engine start leads to the server to stop DCS.exe. Client continues as normal until ping timeout occurs.

Failure could be reproduced with every attempt made.


Version 1.2.1 6120 was used.

Slmod 6.1 is the only modification used on the server.





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Gentlemen, let me again bring to your attention a system behavior that I believe is a bug.


Even though it seems to be a very special and isolated problem it definitely has the potential to ruin any mission that has the attribute of being “complex”.


After I had discovered the issue explained in my first posting I decided to rebuild that templatemission developed in DCS:World 1.2.0 again in DCS:World 1.2.1.


The attached mission Training15.10.miz is an intermediate result on the way to populate that template environment in an extent like having done in my template from DCS:World 1.2.0.


That mission, Training15.10.miz, proved to run stable and not having clients drop from the server randomly and without obvious reason.

The number of units in this mission is around an estimated 300.


The next mission attached, named Training18.10b.miz, has shown the same bug as described in my first posting.

The number of units in this mission is around an estimated 500.


To reproduce the crash of the DCS.exe start the mission on a server and join as a client with a second computer. Take one of the Ka-50 slots, power the radios and request Engine start.


DCS.exe will crash immediately and it will crash any time you do that request. The crashmessage associated points to a wRadio.dll as the source of that problem.


Furthermore some clients get dropped from the server although having pings not worse than 70 without any obvious reason within the first five minutes.


The maximum total number of clients connected did not exceed nine. The maximum number of players set for this server is thirtytwo.


The third mission attached, Training Test.miz, is the same as the above but with a reduced number of units to be around 250.


This mission still shows the same bugs than Training18.10b.


None of the attached missions does incorporate any kind of modification.


Summarized it seems, that there is a bug connected to wRadio.dll, only appearing in missions of a certain complexity which I cannot define in detail. Furthermore that bug seems to persist even if the complexity of the mission is reduced in terms of lower number of units and a bug also in conjunction with a certain missioncomplexity that reduces the connectionstability for clients connected to the server.


May I kindly ask Testers/Developers, if there is information available on the definition of missioncomplexity with regard to instabilities existent within DCS:World?


If so, may I ask to spread this information since it is somewhat frustrating to invest time and effort into missionbuilding just to find out, that your work at some point gets “infected” and cannot be recovered.


Best regards




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