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Fourth touchscreen as control panel in vr cockpit?


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Hi all!


New here and already a question for the veterans! ;)


I'm going to build the base for a simpit and I am about to begin shopping for hardware. So I just wanted to know if I have understood some points right.


If I use a Radeon 7-series and Win 7 I can get a three screen landscape + a fourth screen underneath the landscape view displaying instruments.


This fourth screen can be used as a static instrument panel with helios etc. or it can be used as a part of the virtual cockpit.


If the fourth screen is a touchscreen the buttons are clickable both in the static and in the virtual cockpit depending on which I use?


If I am using Track-Ir I can "look" at the control I want to use and click/touch it when it is displayed in the fourth monitor.


If everything is true this far I'm on the right track!


One last question; if the fourth panel has a lower resolution, are the landscape screens downgrading to that resolution in Eyefinity?


By the way, one more question while I'm at it! If I'm flying something older, say Janes F/A-18, then I can't use the above setup with the fourth screen.(?) I am thinking of using a couple of Lilliputs behind MFD Cougars instead. Is this possible using only the Lilliputs software and USB cable or do I need some Eyefinity setup or third party tool to do that?


Any help appreciated! Regards.

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