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DCS makes A10C behave differently


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Hi all,


don't know whether my question has already been issued before, but here it is.


Since DCS world, my A10C flies much more "erratic" then previously as A10C standalone.

First I thougth this had to do with DCS world being new. However, since DCS world is now upped to 1.2.1, this problem still occurs.


In A10C standalone, flying the hog was kinda "natural": if I steered to a certain direction, the plane moved in almost exactly the route i was foreseeing it.

But now with DCS world, if i steer to the left, the plane is eventually going to the left, but first is tries to go up or down, compensating for this, makes the net fly route a spiral-ish shape (hope this makes sense).

It seems the stabilisation platform is completely non present.

I think that even landing the A10C might prove to be quite a challenge (used to be a breeze).


Anyone having had the same experience.

Could it be that i now specifically have to set some option to activate stabilisation platform...?


Hope someone can give me some help here.



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Save a track, preferably a short one, of this happening and attach it here.


It should be noted that updates to the flight model have made the A-10 a bit wobblier, perhaps, and that it might be your flying style and not a bug. But post a track, and all shall be revealed.

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