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Water Setting HIGH, wonderful Shadows and reflections but oldies still presents


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Hello all, right now, i'm enjoying the water High settings, but i was wondering...

With shadows set to HIGH :


In the pics below, you have a lateral Frigate view, beautiful reflection on the water, very good job !



Then you have a carrier, same reflection, but still the big black shadow, somehow ruining the view.



compared to low water setting :



How i can get rid of the old plain black shadow over water in high settings?

Notice that helo, planes and others also get these "dual shadows". it's not a bug, but can it be written on the to-do list somehwere?


PS : DCS .6288 settings :

Catalyst 11.6, ati 4890

Details High

Scene Medium (boooooo multithreads haters! :D)

Water High

Shadows High

Visible range Med.

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