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HI. I just install the last ver of DCS WORLD I have two monitors : primary IIyama B2712HDS, secondary SONY BRAVIA KDL-46EX500. Both are display 1920X1080, so i set 3840X1080 to launch DCS World in dual screen mode with extented desktop 3840X1080 set on my ati radeon HD 5870 catalyst (win7/64) but everytime the game crash.Here is my printscreen of gamecrash with my dcs settings. Am i wrong with settings or should i edit an .lua file. The game works perfect on single monitor 1920X1080 with all high settings. I don't understand because editor says that the game can work on dual screen, settings are present in the game and i follow the instructions editor.Last news : i uncheck fullscreen and the game not crash, but my second monitor is BLANKED Please HELP !


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as long you use a "extented desktop" there is no way to persuade DCS to run in full-screen at 3840x1080 at your "main-screen" that is still 1920x1080.



A: switch off fullscreen in DCS


B: group both monitors to a eyefinity group that will tell windows that you are using now a 3840x1080 mainscreen.

Than you will be able to use dcs in Fulscreen settings at both monitors.



-- and please Un-check "disable aero interface" in DCS when running windowed and/or you don't want to alt-tab every time to get the mouse working in DCS.

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